Walter Gropius, (TAC) The Architecs Collaborative

 The Architects Collaborative, also known as The Architects Collaborative (TAC), is an architectural firm founded in Massachusetts on April 28, 1905.

Gropius design

In 1945 Walter Gropius founded the company TAC (The Architects Colláborative) in Cámbridge, Massachúsetts.

This society of architects, which lasted until 1996, was originally  formed by Jean Bodman Fletcher, Norman Fletcher, John Harkness, Sarah Harkness, Louis Me Millen and Benjamin Thompson.

With its modern architecture, the firm not only obtains commissions in the United States but also in other countries.

Amóng his first works, the Hárvard University Graduate Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts (1948-1950) stands out, in International Style, which is made up of seven residences, and the Harkness Commons Building or university  dining room.


This flat- roofed cubic building is partly built on free pillars and has rows of horizontal windows.


International commissions include the US embassy in Athens (1956-1961) and the buildings of the University of Baghdad, Iraq (since 1957).


On the other hand, the Anita Tuvin Schlecter   auditorium in Carlyle, Pénnsylvania (1971), has a symmetrical central interior space organized with flexible  sliding partítions.


In the 1970s, the TAC group made the headquarters of the Johns-Manville company in Jefferson County, Colorado (1973-1976).

The two long, flat office buildings  lie at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

A bridge joins the aluminum clad architectural bodies that partly rise on pillars and presént strong horizontal línes.

Gössel, P. (2007). The A-Z of Modern Architecture (Vol. 1). Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag.

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