The poet of high tech, Shin Takamatsu


The joy that arises from physical existence can also generate pure bodily satisfaction.

Shin Takamatsu was born August 5, 1948 Nima, Japan

He studies at the University of Kyoto and in 1975 he opened his own studio in the city.

He also teaches at the Kyoto Technical University and the Osaka University of Art.


In the 1980s, Takamatsu built the Origin I, II and III office buildings in Kyoto, Japan (1980-1986), and the Kirin Plaza business center in Osaka, Japan (1985-1987).

Kirin Plaza
Kirin Plaza
Kirin Plaza
Kirin Plaza
Kirin Plaza

His projects from the 1990s differ both from his initial works, highly committed to modernity, and from each other.

The Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography in Kishimoto, Japan (1993-1995), is made up of four architectural bodies with sharp edges with reduced reinforced concrete facades in front of a curved wall.


Likewise, the futuristic Meteor Plaza building in Mihonoseki, Japan (1994-1995), and the octagonal prayer room of Seirei, clad in wood and glass, in Kawanishi, Japan (1996-1998).

Meteor Plaza building in Mihonoseki, Japan (1994-1995)
 |Nagasaki Ferry Terminal
Nagasaki | Japón

2001 builds the Tianjin Museum in China, which displays its effect especially at night, when it is illuminated.

 | Tianjin Museum
Tianjin | China

The building stands on a sickle-shaped floor plan.

The interior façade is clad in glass and opens onto a circular plaza with a round pool.

2000-2003 builds the Okinawa National Theater, Japan.


Gössel, P. (2007). The A-Z of Modern Architecture (Vol. 1). Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag.

Business Center
Tiflis | Georgia

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