Prefabricated houses with the General  Panel System (1942-1947),Packaged House, Konrad Wachsmann

Later he was a student of Hans Poelzig, at the Prussian Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin. Wachsmann was dedicated from the beginning to the production of precast elements.

As chief architect of Christoph & Unmack, a Niesky precast timber company, he built the Spremberg Sanatorium for Lung Diseases (1927) and Albert Einstein’s summer residence in Caputh (1928-1929), both in Germany.

On a plinth in the form of a flat wall stands a two-story half-timbered house covered with prefabricated wooden planks.

A square staircase leads to the terrace that stands on pillars on one side of the house.

 The Einstein Residence was the first work that Wachsmann carried out on his own.

After a long stay in Rome between 1932 and 1938, Wachsmann emigrated to America in 1941, where he developed various building systems.

1942-1943 he devised in collaboration with Walter Gropius the so-called General Panel System, a panel system with which walls could be erected in a short time without  tools or specialized operators.

1944 he began to develop the idea of ​​a factory, including machinery, for the industrial production of houses.

However, the General  Panel Corporation factory did not build more than 200 projects and had to close due to lack of  profitability.

, Wachsmann  designed the Mobílar-Structure (1945) shípbuilding system for the  hangars of the Atlas Aircraft Corporation.

The construction of three- ldimensional lattices made of steel tubes and  (nóded) knotted elements detérmined the later  theoretical works of Wachsmann.

1949, he began teaching work at the Institute of Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, and in 1964 at the University of Southern California.

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Licenciada en Bellas Artes, FilologÍa Hispánica y lIiteratura Inglesa.

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