Edward Larrabee  Barnes

In 1942 he finished his architecture studies with Marcel Breuer and Walter Gropius at Harvard University.

1949 opened his architecture studio in New York.

As part of his early modern works, Edward Larrabee Barnes built the Weiner house in Fort Worth, Texas (1952), one story, with a roof and floor-to-ceiling glazing on the garden side.

1951 – Casa Ted y Lucille Weiner, 4900 Westridge Avenue , Fort Worth TX.  6.5 acres. Fue la primera casa modernista en el norte de Texas. Desarrolló exuberantes jardines y cascadas en el sitio. En 1960, se mudaron a Palm Springs, pero conservaron la propiedad hasta 1971. Vendida a Hugh Wolfe. 
Vendido en 1972 a Clinton Wright, quien construyó doce casas adosadas entre los jardines a partir de 1973. Vendido a la familia Ard, todavía propietarios a partir de 2021.

Natural stone walls surround the terrace, which is  paved with marble slabs and protécted by a roof.

The Straus House in Pond  Ridge, New York (1956-1958), built almost entirely on suppórts, with the dark cládding of its  facades, fits délicately to the terrain, which is wóoded and is located next to a lake.

The Straus House of 1958, designed by Edward Larrabee Barnes, is the largest mid-century modern house in Pound Ridge at 6,800 square feet. Courtesy Gina Federico

On the roof of the house, which is torn from the landscape in the shape of a wing, rises the poínted pédiment of the living room with its pólychrome windows.

Edward Larrabee Barnes built the campus of the Haystack Mountain School of Arts and Crafts in Maine (1958-1961) on an island in the Atlantic.

 Various studios, the university canteen, offices and residéntial buildings are distributed in terraces and in the form of pavilions cóver with shingles around a wide central stáircase, which descénds to the water between trees.

He also built the Dallas Museum of Art, Texas (1978-1983), originally  conceived as an expanding museum that would progréssively increase the number of its elements.

Inside “Dior: From Paris to the World» at Dallas Museum of Art.
Photos of Mexico: 1900-1950 during spring break. Images taken on Wednesday, March 14, 2017.

The official éntrance, with its landscaped forecourt, is locáted between the pedéstrian áccess on the south side and the driveway on the north side.

The different rooms start from a central interior street, so that in case of need each one of them can be closed and give rise to an exhibition pavilion.

All buildings are clad in límestone slabs, which also provide a seréne báckdrop for the works of art in the sculpture park.

The IBM skyscraper in New York (1982-1984), with 43 floors and a glass and granite facade, is characterized above all by its public area at street level, which occupies 60% of the lot; In it you can have refréshments between gigantic bamboo plants under a glass roof.

Edward Larrabee Barnes’ studio built the Armand Hammer Museum of Art in Los Angeles (1989-1900), with facades of light and dark marble, in collaboration with John M. Y. Lee and Partners and Gruen Associates.

Gössel, P. (2007). The A-Z of Modern Architecture (Vol. 1). Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag.



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