The silenced intelligence, Amancio Williams

I have not built many of my projects but others will.

He studied architecture at the University of Buenos Aires, where he graduated in 1941. Very few of his projects ever come to fruition.

With Walter Gropius

As a defender of modern architecture, he represents Argentina in the CIAMs.

Amancio Williams with Emilio Petorutti

The house for the composer in the Pereira Alberto Williams Park, his father, in the Pereira Iraola Park in Mar de Plata (1943-1945) is conceived as a bridge.

A concrete arch with two supports that extends over a stream serves as the base for the rectangular body of one story.

The row of windows underlines the horizontal lines of this very unconventional house.

In 1927, he dedicated an exhibition in Paris to Le Corbusier, who later entrusted him with the technical direction of the construction of the Curutchet house in La Plata, Argentina (1950-1951).


Spectacular are his plans for a building for cultural events (1943-1953).

Hospitals. Corrientes_(1948)

In the presentation, Williams places the silver model in a sectioned elliptical shape on a kind of lunar landscape and receives the gold medal at the Universal Exhibition in Brussels in 1958.

In 1961, Williams became a member of the Argentine National Academy of Fine Arts.

Pabellón de la Exposición de Palermo
El Molino
01_Santuario_de_Nuestra_Señora_de_Fátima_en_Pilar (1)

In 1963 he proposed the construction in Rio de la Plata, Buenos Aires, of a monument in memory of his deceased father, which was not erected until the year 2000.

Monument for his father

The resource of the roof that rests on a pillar and seems to oscillate is shown in the exhibition pavilion of the Bunge y Born company, which Williams builds for the 1966 National Exhibition in Buenos Aires.

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Agradecimientos a Pablo Javier Junco por su valiosa información

Publicado por ilabasmati

Licenciada en Bellas Artes, FilologÍa Hispánica y lIiteratura Inglesa.

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