About Art Deco

At the end of Modernism, interest in decorative art, which is carried out in a very different way, although typical of the time within the framework of artisan production and modern architecture, did not decline in commercial intensity.

The Vienna Workshops are pioneers, especially after the incorporation of Dagobert Peche into a factory of elegant furniture in tune with fashion.

Dagobert Peche

Its characteristics include clear lines and shapes, geometric drawings, both of exotic and historical origin, and noble materials.

The abbreviation Art Deco refers to the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts organized in 1925 in Paris, although it was actually scheduled for 1915, by the French Society of Decorating Artists, founded in 1901.

Among its most prominent organizers are Jacques Emile Ruhlman, Eugene Printz, Eileen Gray and Pierre Chareau.

The clear lines of the new architecture, considered excessively purist, are softened by decorative elements applied to free-form curves that try to produce emotional effects.

Thus the modern movement gives rise to a modernist style, whose degree of plastic exaggeration responds to personal tastes and the corresponding architectural theme.

It also has a very favorable reception in Hollywood where numerous cinemas are built according to the new style as a result of the painstaking research carried out by the international group Kinema Reseach.

The latest Art Deco projects apply the latest technical findings to streamlined shapes designated by the concept of streamlined modernity.

The buildings incorporated bands of colored glossy surfaces.

This style reaches its maximum splendor with the Chriysler building (1927-1930) by William van Alen; the Empire State Building by Shreve, Lamb and Harmon (1930-1931), both in NY,  and the factory Hoover, by Wallis, Gilbert & Patner, in Perivale, England (1931-1939).

In Miami Beach Florida, it characterizes the entire city.




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