Wordl Trade Centre, Minoru Yamasaki

1912 was born in Seattle, in the state of Washington, son John Tsunejiro Yamasaki and Hana Yamasaki, Japanese Issei immigrants.

 In order to pay for his architectural studies, he has to work in salmon factories in Alaska during the summers.

Yamasaki  is graduated as an architect from Washington State University.

1930-1934 upon finishing his degree at the University of Washington, in Seattle, he attended a postgraduate degree in New York.

He works for various architecture firms such as Harrison, Fouilhoux & Abramowitz and Raimond Loewy.

When the St. Louis Missouri City Council tries to create a Manhattan along the Mississippi, and decides to replace a neighborhood of old buildings with residential skyscrapers, it entrusts the project to Yamasaki.

1950-1956 the Pruitt-Igoe urbanization, which initially welcomes white residents in half go and black in half Pruitt, fails to convince the white population to occupy the houses that are 33 buildings of 11 floors with 2870 houses.

The houses have elevators that only stop on the third floor, where there are large lobbies for social gatherings.

From there, you go up or down dark stairs.

The lack of visibility and therefore insecurity leads the project to fail.

1972 the high crime rate determines the demolition of the urbanization.

1953-1956 projects with John Hellmuth and Joseph Leinwewer the terminal of the Lambert St. Louis airport, with a concrete deck.

1959-1952 Dharan Airport in Saudi Arabia

1961-1964 Center for the Sciences in Seattle

1962-1966 the Century City Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles

1968-1974 the World Trade Center.

With its 110 floors it was the tallest building in the world and formed a unit with the plaza spread out in front of them.

Yamasaki calculates the horizontal distance of the vertical profiles with such precision that on the upper floors there is no sense of insecurity …

1986 died on February 17 in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan at the age of 73.

His office, Yamasaki & Associates, closes on December 31, 2009


https://www.revistaad.es/arquitectura/galerias/20-anos-sin-las-torres-gemelas-un-relato-visual-minoru-yamasaki (muy interesante)


https://www.arquitecturaconfidencial.com/blog/minoru-yamasaki/ (interesante)

https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=es&sl=en&u=https://www.dezeen.com/2021/09/10/minoru-yamasaki-designed-world-trade-center-as-beacon-of-democracy/&prev=search&pto=aue (fotos interesantes y texto también)












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